Remembering Silver Beach

Family trips to Silver Beach dwindled towards the end of the 60s as local newspapers reported crime at the old park, and by 1971 we knew to stay away.  Nevertheless, it came as a shock when word came that the park had closed.  I imagined the merry-go-round silent and dark in its shuttered barn, and the clown…well, it was hard to even think what had become of him; I actually missed him!  The park stood vacant while any ride of value was sold off, and the roller coaster and buildings were finally demolished in 1975.  Sadly, so many thought that Silver Beach would always be there for us and our children, but we’ll have to settle instead for sentimental memories of the great little amusement park on Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Midway 1974
Shadowland Ballroom 1974
Fortune Teller 1974
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A special thank you to Daryl Schlender, Sue Hadaway, and Jan Cruser